• Organizing and coordinating Outpatient/Inpatient treatment in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam

  • Direct billing arrangements

  • 24/7 Call Center

  • Claims processing and payments management

  • Making appointments with GPs and Specialists

  • Placement of the letters of Guarantee

  • Cost control

  • Translating Chinese/ English/ Russian

  Company «MediSina Assistance» is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) company, provides medical support to foreigners and family members of employees during short or long trips in China and countries of the Asia Pacific Area. We work together with insurance companies to provide medical support for foreigners (Direct Billing) in the event of insurance claims.

    Employees of our company are specialists with years of experience working within medical organizations of China and have extensive knowledge of both Chinese and English. We have over the years built strong working relationships with the best hospitals and clinics in the major cities of China. Our customers include employees of foreign companies and multi-national corporations, as well as foreign embassies in Beijing. At the present we can provide service in more than 20 cities in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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